Tonbridge Education at the Oast Theatre

Private Maths and English Tutoring in Tonbridge

Located at The Oast Theatre, we offer English and Maths tuition from age 6 through to GCSE. We also offer A Level English. Officially opened by Sir John Stanley and operating from The Oast Theatre since 2015, the centre director is Sarah Rye. At Tonbridge Education Centre, we firmly believe that all children can learn and make progress if they are taught effectively. Our teachers hold Post Graduate Certificates in Education and have years of experience in teaching Maths or English in schools.

Some children need stretch and challenge to enable them to fulfill their true potential. Often high ability children can fall into the habit of coasting and lose interest in learning.

Many children struggle because they have not understood at an earlier stage and find it difficult or embarrassing to ask for help. This makes it harder for them to grasp the next step and so they feel lost and lose confidence. It's amazing how quickly an individual can progress once these issues are identified and addressed.

Whatever the reasons may be that you are considering tuition for your child, we aim to identify each child's needs, reawaken his or her engagement with learning and, probably most importantly of all, build confidence.